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project presentation

la biblioteca di  babeleThe Library of Babel. Colored paths of words, music and images. This project aims to support social integration through cultural spaces and places, involving the foreigners – adults and children – living in Lodi and its surrounding area in a wide experience of mutual exchange: on the one hand, deepening their knowledge of the "host" country, and, on the other, sharing their own roots

Three libraries, eight associations and one parish joined their efforts to bring the migration policies out of the mere social sphere into a cultural area that it’s more and more considered the right premise for a productive and conscious citizenship.

In two months, the project will embrace dozens of initiatives: dedicated internet points; the acquisition of books, journals and magazines in their original language; the extension of opening hours and information services. Furthermore, there will be several events, organized in thematic areas: Babel travel, Babel childrens, Babele poestry&music, Babele women, Babele movies, BabelinFest.

Finally, a multilingual portal will guide all those interested through the different areas and into the calendar of events, providing them with bibliographical suggestions and general and specific links.


Have a good, "colored" yourney!


The Library of Babel is a project realized thanks to the contribution of:
Fondazione Cariplo Fondazione Vodafone